Your Source for High-Performance Custom Ammo Find surplus, custom, and blasting ammo from our business in Fostoria, Ia.

ApexAmmo is proud to make ammo for hunting and sports, as well as sells surplus ammo from the military.

Our custom ammo is ultra high-performance ammo made by hand to high specifications. Contact us (712) 330-9242 to place an order for our ammo.

Custom Performance Ammunition ApexAmmo offers an affordable custom ammo for handguns and rifles.

We feature:
• Rifle Target Ammo—.222 to .338 Caliber Ammo in Packages of 20-50-100.
• Blasting Ammo—.9-mm, .380, .40 Smith & Wesson™, .38 Special,.357 Mag 357 Sig.
• Hunting Rifle—Many Popular Calibers Available in Boxes of 20-50-100
• Plinking Ammo—.22 Caliber Ammo for Target Shooting in single Boxes or Half Cases
• Competition Handgun Ammo—.38 Special, .9-mm, .40 S&W, .10-mm, & .45 ACP in Boxes of 50, Military ammo cans of 1000 Surplus Ammo

From time to time we get Military Surpluss Ammunition and sell it @ a great price. If you want surplus ammo just go to Contact us and request the product you are looking for and we will try to locate it and give you a call or e-mail

• Additional Custom Ammo

• Match Grade Target Ammo

• All Custom Ammo Is Made from Brass

• Hand Load Ammo for Rifles and Handguns

About ApexAmmo: Our owner started this new business when retired from the police force & his hobby of shooting and loading got out of hand and grew into a full time operation. We buy once fired brass from several supervised public and private firing ranges. We feature a staff with more than 50 years of experience with rifles and hand guns. We are known for offering Hand Crafted, Home Made ammo for Tacticle shooting, Competition Shooting, Serious Hunting, Target & Plinking.